About Us

MediFriends is an innovative new website where you can discuss any health-related issue with people going through the same thing you are. It’s FREE, and we don’t collect or sell your information. At MediFriends, you share as much or as little information you want or simply sign on and learn more about your condition.

How did MediFriends come about? Back in 2014, two brothers were searching for information about their mother’s undiagnosed health issue which doctors could not seem to identify. The family searched dozens of websites learning nothing more than what potential medical treatments could be had for any number of possible symptoms – never anything definitive, and there seemed to be no access to people going through the same experience. That is when the idea was born to create one forum, one community of members where people can meet others who are going through similar life experiences and are seeking conversation. Not medical professionals, but people with shared questions and concerns. MediFriends is that community. Join, create, meet and become lifelong Friends... it may positively change someone’s life.

When professional help isn't enough, sometimes you just need a friend. Sign up today and make a MediFriend.