When is it the "right" time to get a new pet after losing one?

  • We lost our best boy Captain (12 year old lab) back in December, just a week before the holidays. Definitely left a void. I have 3 boys (age range of 16-21) and they have been begging for a new puppy. Was going to try and wait a year, but the whole family sure does miss having a dog to greet you at the door and to love on every day. Have kind of been struggling as to how long we should wait before taking on the responsibility of a new pet. If my kids have anything to do with it, we'll probably have a new 4-legged friend very soon!  I know our beloved Captain can never be replaced, but I think we're ready for a new furry addition. Perhaps we'll even name him Skipper in Captain's honor.

    Curious to know how long others have waited before even thinking about getting a new pet after losing one.

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  • I think if everyone is ready for “Skipper”…then enough time has passed. Dogs are great additions to families. Good Luck!

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