Better or worse with 2 dogs?

  • Re: When is it the "right" time to get a new pet after losing one?

    We currently have 2 dogs, one is about 3 or 4 years older than the other.  They are small dogs (@ 24 lbs and @ 14 lbs) but they are different breeds and quite different personalities.  The eldest is definitely declining and encountering more and more health problems (eyesight, heart congestion, sporadic nipping/snapping, etc.).  He does not appear to be suffering and regular vet visits do not raise concerns about this; the vets are confident prescribed meds are managing his conditions and not prolonging discomfort or agony.

    I mention this because we know/see the end coming, but just can't say when.  So we're looking at a gradually approaching horizon, rather than a sudden, brief downturn.

    So then our question will be – do we NEED another “new” pet?  Is one enough for us?  Does the surviving dog need a companion?  Do we enjoy the one until his time comes and we're faced with being “empty nesters?”  OR are we setting up the scenario to start the cycle all over again?

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